Lost Pets

Found:  Female black Lab near Save-A-Lot in Fairfield wearing a chain collar.  She may be picked up at the Ann New Apartments on Main Street east of Save-A-Lot.

Found at 1410 West Main Street in Fairfield: a rottweiler mix, near Save A Lot.  Has a chain collar.  Can be picked up at the Ann New Apartments east of Save A Lot.

A “Red Nosed Chihuahua” has been reported missing in the area of SW 6th Street in Fairfield.  The chihuahua is a male, red and tan in color and answers to the name “Taco”.  He is very friendly. 

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2 dogs have been reported missing on Hwy 15 East, Fairfield:

White American Eskimo named Fluffy and Small White dog named Shorty.

If you have seen these dogs or know their whereabouts please call 842-4042 or 516-1602.

Found on Baseline Road near Cisne:  a female beagle.  Has a brown head and a big black spot on her back.  Call 897-2655.

Found on the farm five miles north of Wayne City (Shreve Farm): dark brown, two-tone coloring horse.  Call 895-4695 and ask for Ellen.

Please help us find our cat….he is a male Bengal cat tan in color with brown markings.  His name is Kian and he lives at Turner Sign Shop in Fairfield.  He was last seen in the area of

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Lost tan/white shit-zu female. Last seen Wednesday sept 3 near the cemetery in Springerton. Answers to the name of Ming-nah. She is a family pet and loved dearly. She has two girls whom love her so and are devastated. If

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Our 5 month old female black lab went missing from residence near Enterprise off of 161.  Please contact us by calling 618-843-7635.

Found, one mile north of Sims Crossroads, a black and brown male dog, one or two years old, well cared for, no ticks, not starving, has no collar.  Please call 618-599-4740 if this is your dog!