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Several of us from The Original Company attended a broadcasters meeting in St. Louis over the weekend.  There was lots of discussion about what’s happening in today’s media…especially how it’s delivered.

Look at Newsweek magazine…well, you can’t…unless you look on line.  Newsweek in print form is a thing of the past.  Just pick up your smart phone or iPad to get the news you need when you want it.

What is “TV” now?  It’s not just four network channels…TV is internet video.  There’s Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and so much more.  Since we subscribe at home to Netflix streaming and mail delivery of video discs, I really can’t remember the last time I visited a video store.

We have heard from some government offices that it’s time to end the monopoly given to the print media for publishing legal notices.  How out-of-date is that delivery method?  Rather than force local governments to pay for high-priced legal notices, the state legislature would allow legal notices to be posted on web sites.  Thousands of taxpayer dollars would be saved and this process could actually increase the distribution of information.

Look at Twitter and Facebook…they’re free and users use them a lot.   I’m a regular user of Facebook, mainly to connect with family and share pictures.  Just look at the many ways we can gather and re-send content.  And if you decide not to embrace these social media avenues, trust me, you will be left behind.

In ten short years, what I have discussed in this commentary will be dinosaurs.  And you know what, I find that exciting.  Bring it on!

That’s Land’s View.  I’d like to hear yours.  I’m Dave Land.

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