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Headlines for Friday, March 7, 2014

rotary picFairfield Mayor Chuck Griswold gave Fairfield Rotarians a “State of the City” address Thursday, noting that the city is starting to turn around financially.  Griswold said the city is starting to build some modest cash reserves.  The City Council was presented a balanced budget last May.   Griswold was elected Mayor of Fairfield last April.  Rotarian Dave Land arranged for the program. Pictured is Fairfield Mayor Chuck Griswold (left) and Rotarian Dave Land (right).

The Fairfield Community High School Varsity Scholastic Team claimed second in the consolation portion of the Southern Illinois Academic Conference this week.  FCHS went 1 and 2 on the evening.  FCHS moves to 33 and 16 on the year.

25-year-old Brittney Bush of McLeansboro has been placed on two years of probation after pleading guilty in Wayne County Circuit Court Wednesday to a charge of battery.  Bush had originally been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse for allegedly having unlawful sexual contact with a juvenile.  The felony sex charge was dropped.

A fifth lawsuit has been filed by state employees challenging Illinois’ new pension law.  Employees at the University of Illinois and Parkland Community College filed suits Thursday.  The employees claim the new pension law violates the state’s constitution.

More than 14,000 pieces of unclaimed property will be put up for sale in an online auction this month.  The items are being sold by Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford.  The pieces are for sale because owners haven’t come forward to claim them in more than five years. More information about the online auction is available on the state treasurer’s website.

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