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Headlines for Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thieves have targeted a fuel tank that serves the Fairfield Community High School district.  Someone cut the lock and stole 40 gallons of diesel fuel over the Christmas break. The tank is located at the Wabash Valley Service Company plant. No value was listed on the loss.  Police believe the fuel was likely pumped into a pickup truck.

More than 200 new laws go into effect in Illinois on Jan. 1.  Among them, a law takes effect that legalizes the use of medical marijuana.  Medicinal marijuana probably won’t be available to patients until the summer of 2015. A number of safeguards have to be implemented before medical pot can be sold to patients.

Starting January 1, it will be illegal to flick a cigarette butt on the street or sidewalk. The anti-littering law carries a minimum $50 fine.

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford – the Republican candidate for Governor in Illinois will be in Fairfield next Monday.  Rutherford will be at the Jemini Coffee House at 112 E. Main Street at 10:15 a.m.  The public is invited to attend the event.

Regulators have approved a temporary price increase of 3 cents for a first-class stamp, bringing the charge to 49 cents.  Forever stamps, good for first-class postage whatever the future rate, can be purchased at the lower price until the new rate is effective Jan. 26.

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