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Headlines for Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little Wabash east of Fairfield continues to rise. The stage this morning was 24 ft. 5 inches – a rise of another 7 inches overnight. Downstream at Carmi, the stage this morning was 27.52 – a little more than a half a foot above flood stage. The river is forecast to crest at 28.2 on Saturday.

A Fairfield man has fallen prey to an Internet scam. The victim sold a television set on Craig’s List to someone for $300. The buyer then sent the victim a cashier’s check for $1,650 and told him to take out his $300 and return the rest via mail.  The cashier’s check was bogus, leaving the victim holding the bag on the entire amount.

Fairfield firefighter Ron Gain will be taking charge of safety in the pits at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year. Gain, who has served on the track’s rescue team for nine years, was promoted to a pit supervisor during his annual training session this month. He has been a Fairfield firefighter since 1978.

Vincennes businessman Paul R. Kramer pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of making false statements to FBI agents investigating fraud allegations against the mayor of Bridgeport, IL. Kramer faces up to five years in federal prison when he is sentenced June 27. Bridgeport mayor Max Schauf faces multiple charges of mail fraud and is awaiting trial.

The Wayne County Farm Bureau is sponsoring an informational program titled, “Changes to the Farmland Assessment Law.”  The program will be on April 10 at 7 p.m. at the Fairfield First Christian Church.

21-year-old Kaleb G. Withrow of Wayne City has been arrested on charges he stole a John Deere grain drill from the Clifford Lowe farm near Geff and sold the device for scrap at a local junk yard. Withrow was arrested after local police found his pickup truck stuck in the mud on the Lowe farm.

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