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How Safe are our Prisons?

A southern Illinois prisoner was killed earlier this month at the maximum-security Menard Correctional Center.  It is now being investigated as a murder.

This incident happened during a violent, two week period that also saw an attack on a chaplain and two guards at Menard.  The Pontiac Correctional Center experienced the brutal beating of a guard at that facility.

You can imagine lawmakers are harshly criticizing Governor Quinn’s closure last month of the Tamms prison in southern Illinois.  That closure caused violent inmates and other trouble-makers to be sent to less secure facilities.

Quinn said he closed Tamms because it cost too much to run. In recent years, activists lobbied hard to get it shut down, because they opposed the facility’s practices of isolation, which they touted were inhumane and causing the deterioration of the inmates’ mental health.

Well boohoo to that.  Putting really bad boys in less secure lockups does not make sense.  And why do we have to make prisons comfortable for inmates?

I can tell you for sure that prison guards working at less secure institutions do not feel safe.  Nor should they.  Tamms should never have been closed.  As much money as this state wastes, certainly some other funds could have been shifted to save Tamms and perhaps the life of a guard working there.

How much dumber can our Springfield elected officials get?  We’re broke and they don’t know it.  The pension plan is in total shambles and they do nothing.

I’ll say it again…you put an elected official in private business and they would not last a month.  Springfield has no bottom line to meet.

And it appears Springfield could care less about the safety of their prison guards and chaplains.  Will our state leaders ever “get it?”  I’m betting no, they won’t.

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