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Loneliness is Not Good for Your Health

A recent study suggests loneliness is bad for your health.  The results of the study presented recently at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology reveals that not only is loneliness an unpleasant condition, it can harm the body’s immune system.

There are definite links that show feeling socially disconnected is associated with poor health and chronic disease.  Makes sense to me.  I know I feel better being around friends and even co-workers.  So how will I handle retirement?

Research shows that close and connected relationships are necessary to help people thrive and without them, people are under a constant stressful cloud of missing social connections.  People who are lonely also tend to react more strongly to negative events in their lives.

It’s certainly easier said than done to tell these lonely hearts to get out and find more close friends.  But, if researchers can figure out exactly how loneliness causes poor health, chances are they may be able to come up with treatments that make loneliness less of a burden, at least physically.

Here’s the good news…those who feel close to friends and family can feel good in knowing that their health is likely getting a boost from those relationships.

That’s Land’s View.  I’d like to hear yours.  I’m Dave Land.

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