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If you are missing a pet, contact the Wayne County Humane Society at 847-4012 so they can keep a lookout for your pet. They are now open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.



Visit or call 842-5584 to receive a $20 spay or neuter coupon if you are a Wayne County Resident.

ARF reminds Pet Owners to make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it is extremely hot.




Lost Boxer

Our Two year old brindle Boxer is missing.  Her name us Hokti. She is wearing a silver choker with a green rabies tag.  Please call Jody Fly if you see her 618-925-2250 .

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Found Husky Mix

Anyone looking for a large white male husky looking dog. Has blue eyes and seems very friendly. No collar. Found in the area one mile south of 161 and Blue Mound.  If this may be your dog….please contact us either by email atLost:  8 month old 1/2 blood hound.  Red and black in color with a blue collar.  Last seen south of Johnsonville.  Contact info:  618-835-2627 or 618-599-1863

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Found doberman in Fairfield

Found in Fairfield today (March 26):  a black Doberman Pincher with a studded collar dragging a long red leash.  The person picked up the dog and it is in a dog pen at 1203 Florence Drive.  Call 847-5841.

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Two lost dogs

Lost from Douglas Street in Fairfield:  two dogs, one is a Schnauzer that needs a haircut, the other is a white fluffy dog.  Both have collars, one has a tag.  Lost between the grade and high school.  Call 599-2187.

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Female Hound Found!!

Found a female running hound. Probably been missing from owner for a few days. Pads on her feet are sore and worn. White, black and tan. Brown face with one black side and one white side. Appears to be a running hound because she wants to wait by...Read More »

Two lost Doodles....

Two dogs disappeared off tie outs on Enterprise Road last night.   Both have collars one is a brown Lab Doodle and one is a yellow Golden Doodle.   One male one female recently spayed.   Please call 599-8077 or 599-6664 if you have seen them or have any information regarding their...Read More »

Found near New Hope School

Found near New Hope School. Female and seems to be young, very playful! If she is yours please call 618-516-2542.

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Female Hound found

A young female hound has been found in the Fairfield area.  She is less than a year old and is mostly white with black markings on her face and saddle.  She is very friendly and appears not to have been spayed.  If this sounds like this may be your dog….please...Read More »

Found on Burnt Prairie blacktop

Black and white terrier mix, wearing a blue collar.  Found south of Fairfield.  Call 847-7226.

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Black Lab found at IGA

Found Sunday January 12th:  A black lab dog, about 1-2 years old with a red collar and some white on its chest.  Person who found the dog cannot keep it.  Call (618) 516-1153.

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Two Boxers Missing

Two Boxers have been reported missing from Cisne.  There is one male and one female and they are very friendly!!  They answer to the names of Chumley and Pocahontas.  If you have seen them or know their whereabouts, please call 618-516-4097.  Call anytime!!

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Jack Russell Spotted

A Jack Russell mix male dog with an electric collar was spotted running lose around Taco Tierra at approximately 1:30pm on December 18th.  Friendly but would not come to anyone.

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Found in Albion - Rat Terrier Mixes

12/2/2013  -  Found in Albion – 2 Rat Terrier mix dogs, (1 male, 1 female).  Female wearing a blue collar, and dragging a chain.  Please call 618/445-3769, and leave a message.

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Found German Shepherd

Found Saturday, November 16th on Road 1650 North….Large, female German Shepherd with no tags and no collar.  She is very thin and is brown and black in color.  Approximately 2 years old and very friendly.  If you think this is your dog or you...Read More »

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