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If you are missing a pet, contact the Wayne County Humane Society at 847-4012 so they can keep a lookout for your pet. They are now open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.



Visit or call 842-5584 to receive a $20 spay or neuter coupon if you are a Wayne County Resident.

ARF reminds Pet Owners to make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it is extremely hot.




Big White Dog Found

A large white dog (maybe a lab) was found near the Jasper School area. It has a red collar.  If this is your dog please call 599-1361 to come pick him up.

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Lost Black Lab and Boxer Mix

LOST:  Black lab and Boxer mix. Almost a year old female.  Black with white spot on chest and a red collar.  Last seen at the corner of First and Johnson. Please call 309-264-6316 if found

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Help us find Pumpkin

Our indoor cat got out while my husband was fixing a fence.   We live at the corner of NE 2nd street and King.
 Pumpkin is an older cat, orange and white and visibly over weight.  Pumpkin is  declawed… he has surgery on both ears and they in appearance look pinned down. ...Read More »

FOUND: Black Labrador Retriever

5/9/13  -  Found running loose pulling a chain on Parkhurst Street.  Male Black Lab.  To claim, please call 618/838-3216, ask for Julie.

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Bird Dog Found

We have a Bird Dog that showed up at our house on 5-3-2013 on Baseline Road (1500 N), Geff.  She is a female and probably around a year old or so.  She is white with tan spots and is very friendly.  We would like to reunite her with her owners. ...Read More »


Black Cows with white faces lost around the Boogerville area on 5/8/13 . Each are around 500 lbs. Call 618-516-1643 if found.

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Golen Retriever

Lost near the Orchardville Church (former Merriam School building): a golden retriever, 4-5 years old with a red collar which has a phone number on it.  Named “Alice”.  Lost Saturday night, April 27th.  Call 842-7033.

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Lost blue pit bull

One to one and a half years old, named “Titus”.  Has a broken collar.  Call 816-1506 or 353-7621.

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Beagle found in White County

A male beagle has been found between Springerton and Enfield.  He appears to be a couple of years old and showed up with a plain blue collar which he has since shed.  His colorings are red, brown, and white.  Please call 618/383-6021 for more information.  If no owner is found,...Read More »

Help us find Calvert!!!


We are missing our yellow Lab puppy!!!  He is a male puppy and was last seen around 2200 N. and 650 E. just West of Rinard and North of Johnsonville.  He is 4 months old and answers to the name of Calvert!!  He is almost white in color,...Read More »

Help find Toby!!!

Christina Brown of Fairfield has lost her little dog and needs everyone’s help to find him.  His name is Toby and he is a chihuahua, brown in color with white markings on his chest.  Toby was last seen in the area behind Lemond’s Car dealership.  If you have seen Toby...Read More »

Koda missing!

Missing from Jasper School area, a male blonde cocker spaniel, answers to  Koda.  It’s  a very loved family pet, hard of hearing from old age-Please call 618-919-0593.

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Charlie is Missing!

3/14/13:  Charlie is a LARGE fluffy black and white colored cat.  He is missing from Susie’s Discount Store on Main Street.  If found, please call 516-1061.

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Wolf Pup Missing!

3/14/13:  A wolf pup is missing north of Cisne.  Its a male, 10 weeks old, looks like a wolf, wearing a black collar.  Call 516-4393.

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Missing Tabby!

3/13/13:  A large orange tabby cat is missing from the Crestview Area.  Call 842-4011 if found.

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