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If you are missing a pet, contact the Wayne County Humane Society at 847-4012 so they can keep a lookout for your pet. They are now open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.



Visit or call 842-5584 to receive a $20 spay or neuter coupon if you are a Wayne County Resident.

ARF reminds Pet Owners to make sure your pets have a shady place to get out of the sun, be careful to not over-exercise them, and keep them indoors when it is extremely hot.




Wolf Pup Missing!

3/14/13:  A wolf pup is missing north of Cisne.  Its a male, 10 weeks old, looks like a wolf, wearing a black collar.  Call 516-4393.

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Missing Tabby!

3/13/13:  A large orange tabby cat is missing from the Crestview Area.  Call 842-4011 if found.

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Dog Missing Near Orchardville

3/13/13: Lost Dog near Orchardville. White Jack Russel has collar and tags. If you see him please call 895-4909 or 231-3707. Will give reward.
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Pup Hanging Out at Little Prairie Church!

3/12/13: A black and brown mix puppy has been hanging out at Little Prairie Christian Church west of Albion.  It is wearing a purple collar.  Call 445-3169 if this is your dog.

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Found male beagle dog

Found Dog 2/26/13: A male beagle dog was found east of Fairfield on Co Rd 2200 East.  Call 842-2450.

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Found large bird dog

Found Dog 2/25/13: A large bird dog was found on County Highway 9 and 1500 North west of Geff.  It is a male with beagle colored markings.  Call 898-1243.

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Missing dobermann dog

Missing dog:  Missing since Feb 8, 2013, a female dobermann, ears clipped, missing from the Pond Creek Area.  Call 599-1075.

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Found black lab dog

Found Dog 2/20/13: Black Lab, adult male, wearing brown leather collar.  Found on the south edge of Fairfield.  Call 599-1322.

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Found English Setter dog

Found Dog 2/14/13: Small female English setter that is white with black spots was found 5 miles west of Geff.  Call 839-3992

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Lost dog Thorn

Lost Dog 2/13/13: brown and white male fox hound, missing from West of Geff.  Wearing a collar with tags and named Thorn.  Call 919-0289.

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Lost dog Charlie

Lost Dog 2/12/13: HAVE YOU SEEN CHARLIE? Charlie (a chocolate lab)8 years old, has been missing since Friday night (02/08/13) east of the Barnhill Township building. If you have seen him Please let us know, we miss him!  Please contact David and Tiffany Lafferty at 516-3659 or 925-1142 or More »

Found black lab

Found Dog 2/12/13: Black lab, female, wearing red collar.  Found NW of Fairfield.  Call 842-2841.

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Lost basset hound dog

Lost Dogs 2/11/13—–Missing from NW 2nd Street in Fairfield, a male black and brown basset hound wearing a red collar and a male black terrier mix wearing a red collar. Call 599-6618

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Found Yorkie dog

Found 2/9/13: A Yorkie was found on 45 South of Cisne around Buckeye Christian Church Road.  If you can describe it, call 678-2495.

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Lost dog Vegas

Lost 2/4/13: A chocolate lab is missing, its a year and a half old, wearing a red collar and flea collar.  Answers to Vegas.  Call 599-0754.

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