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No New Taxes…Not

Wait a minute….I distinctly remember….President Obama making a special point….It was almost as profound as George H.W. Bush’s “read-my-lips-no-new-taxes” rant of years ago.

President Obama said there would be no new taxes on middle-class Americans.  In fact he made a central theme of his re-election campaign…and yet…you might notice a slightly smaller paycheck as we enter the New Year.  That’s because a two-year interruption on payroll taxes that pay social security is over.  The tax has risen back up to 6.2 percent from 4.2 percent, costing someone making $50,000 (well within the definition of middle class), about $1,000 a year.

So middle class Americans will be doing what Congress and the President are obviously incapable of doing—-and that’s cutting spending.

Don’t sneeze at an extra grand.  It requires families to cut back on the extras….It is a reminder that political-speak doesn’t ever require honesty.

And on Monday the President said he was unwilling to consider spending cuts in exchange for a hike in the country’s debt limit.

The difference between the government and the middle class is simple—-

The government just elevates its debt—–the middle class has to cut.

That’s Land’s View.  I’d like to hear yours.  I’m Dave Land.

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