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People Are Good

Let’s have some “good” news on this Christmas Day. First of all, most of you are listening in your home or car…and you’re warm. Odds are, you will enjoy some fine food today with family and friends. Does it get much better than that?

How about those gifts? How about those loved ones that have traveled to spend this joyous day with you. You are so lucky. Let’s not forget those in hospitals and nursing homes…but, they will have a good meal and perhaps a visit from loved ones.

I think of some other good news that has happened this month. A local business had their company party. One of the big gifts was a flat screen TV. The person who won it knew there was another person in attendance that could certainly use it. Without saying a word, this young man gave it to her. Folks, that is giving.

Another group came up with money to fly a couple of family members to attend the funeral of an immediate family member out west. The money was not used as this person felt it could be put to use in a better way. They did make it to the funeral by driving. Again, another genuine way of giving.

Our blessings are many. Let’s not take them for granted. And let’s remember what Christmas is really all about. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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