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Many years ago Percy Faith & His Orchestra recorded a Christmas song called “Christmas Is…”  Recently, I have been writing words for a song entitled “Retirement Is….”

It’s not easy to write the lyrics.  I think I’ll have to experience retirement to get full knowledge of what it is.  Several of my friends are now “on the beach” so to speak and they are happy.  And I’m happy.  For a career that spans 47 years, I have no regrets.  So many memories…so many professional acquaintances…and my main teacher was my dad, the late Tom Land.  He knew I wanted to “hang it up” someday and now we both know that day.

The next three months will be busy as I turn over all of my day-to-day duties to a very capable staff.  I expect an additional sales person to be hired soon.  But, no major changes are planned.

For those of you who listen to these views, there will be a change.  Starting next year, which is next week, I will cut back to doing one commentary each week, most often on Wednesday.

Deciding on a time to retire has not been easy.  I pretty well made up my mind last September.  And my wife said okay, go for it.  Her input has been most valuable.

I appreciate all the good wishes from friends and acquaintances.  Your comments have reassured me that I have made the right decision.

That’s Land’s View.  I’d like to hear yours.  I’m Dave Land.

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