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LAND’S VIEW   3/27/13 (click here to hear Dave Land’s final “Land’s View)

LV 3-27-13

“Final View”

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for an author to pen the final chapter of a book…or to write the final act of a play.  And here I am, writing my final commentary.

Who do I thank?  I thank God for putting me where I am today and the many places I have been over the past 63 years.  I thank my dear wife, Kathy, who has had two careers…first a teacher and second a sounding board as she patiently listened to my thoughts on running a successful broadcasting company.  Our three beautiful daughters have been, shall I say “inspiring” over the years.  And of course, my dad who taught me the business and my dear mother for her discipline.

During my time here in Fairfield, I have worked with a professional staff…a group of individuals who always went above and beyond what they were asked to do.  I am also thankful that Mark and Saundra Lange’s Original Company is now in charge of these three Fairfield radio stations.  I have no doubt they will be excellent operators.

Most of my commentaries were around two minutes as this will be.  These editorials have had their moments…many were fun to read…while a small number of them caused tears and several re-takes to make them possible to broadcast.  Whenever one editorializes, one must be ready to take the heat as well as the praises.  Trust me, there were many “warm” times after a commentary aired.

My retirement begins at 5 p.m. this Friday, Good Friday.  But rather than using the word “retirement,” how about I just say I am “unplugging” from this part of life and “plugging into” the next chapter.

I’m not leaving town except for vacations, fishing trips and visiting the grandkids.  My wife will continue at Jasper and that’s probably good…for a while.

So how do I say “thank you” or even a sincere “goodbye?”  I really don’t know as I have never “unplugged” before.  

Let me do it this way…just allow me to simply say thank you for being a part of my career… and goodbye for now.  There just are not words to express the satisfaction I now have in my life.

God bless you all.

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