Headlines for Friday, February 1st

The FCHS Choir and Show Choir are singing Valegrams for the Valentine’s Day holiday this year. People can call Josh Livesay at the high school, or email jlivesay@fchsmules.com, to book a valegram. Groups will perform from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on February 14th and 15th, and the cost is by donation. All proceeds will benefit the choir and show choir.

Fairfield Public Golf Course volunteers will conduct another pork burger cookout tomorrow on Main Street in front of the Wayne County Courthouse. Drive-through service will begin at approximately 10 a.m. Volunteers and customers are greatly appreciated, and volunteers should confirm their availability with Marty Vaughan via text at (617) 866-3378.

Five people were sentenced in Wayne County Circuit Court yesterday. 36-year-olds Jason R. York and Christopher L. Toney were sentenced to conditional discharge, 26-year-old Tara L. Horath was sentenced to special section probation, 33-year-old Ashley E. Moore was sentenced to probation, and 37-year-old John W. Cone, Jr., was sentenced to time served.

Tyson Foods is recalling some chicken nuggets after several customers found pieces of “soft, blue rubber” inside. The recall is for more than 36,000 pounds of nuggets, which were shipped to distribution centers in five states, including Illinois. The USDA says there are no confirmed reports of anyone getting sick from the rubber.

Fairfield’s First Christian Church is planning to hold its “Let’s Have a Ball” event for the fourth year. The annual affair for people with special needs is scheduled for March 1st, and it will include a band, food, and games. Anyone seeking more information about “Let’s Have a Ball” should call the First Christian Church at 842-4311.

The Wayne County Consolidated Election will take place on April 2nd for Fairfield City Council and county school board seats. Three of the four open seats on the council will be contested, with Third Ward incumbent Jerry Lisenbee now running unopposed. For school boards, New Hope, FCHS, North Wayne, and Fairfield Public School District 112 will have contested races.

Tisha Hearle of Cisne Middle School is the 2019 Wayne County Spelling Bee Champion. The runner-up was Jedd Wellen of Geff Grade School.

Frontier Community College is scheduled to hold a community employment workshop on Tuesday, February 19th. The workshop will have two sessions, one from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and another from 4 to 6 p.m. Both sessions will be held at Bob Boyles Hall on FCC’s campus. For more information, call Angel Maguire, Coordinator of Transition Services, at 847-9158.

The Wayne County Farm Bureau is hosting a bus trip to the National Farm Machinery Show on Thursday, February 14th. Tickets cost $25 for Wayne County Farm Bureau members and $45 for non-members. They include transportation, a ticket to the machinery show, and a meal at the Log Inn. For more information, call the Farm Bureau office at 842-3342.

Much of Illinois saw record cold temperatures and wind chills earlier this week, but, true to form, the weather is set to drastically change in the coming days, with highs in the 60s expected on Monday. The quick change is thanks to an upper-level weather pattern that is pushing cold arctic air out and bringing a strong, southwestern flow into the area.

Southern Illinois University’s medical school has opened a specialty clinic to serve children in the foster care system with a goal of reducing disruptions in their health care. The clinic, which opened earlier this month, offers a variety of services, including comprehensive checkups, ongoing patient care, dietary guidance, and mental health resources.

River stages as of this morning:  Little Wabash, east of Fairfield stands at 24.65 feet, above the 17 ft. flood stage. Meanwhile, the Skillet Fork at Wayne City has a reading of 5.56 feet (flood stage is 15 ft.). The Little Wabash below Clay City is at 9.22 feet (flood stage is 18 ft.).