Clay County Man Arrested On Bond Revocation

A Clay County man is behind bars after failing to follow the terms and conditions of his release.
On Monday, US Marshalls notified Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies that Phillip Blaine Henson was taken into custody. No other details on Henson’s arrest have been released at this time.
UPDATE – 8:36 PM 1/24/23
Officials have released more information on the arrest of Phillip Blaine Henson.
Clay County Sheriff Andy Myers and the Clay County States Attorney say that Henson was taken into custody in Jacksonville, Florida on Monday. According to authorities, Henson allegedly removed his gps monitor without permission and then failed to appear for court twice. During the failure to appear situations for Henson, a Clay County Judge granted a forfeiture of $125,000 in cash bail.
Henson currently sits in the Duvall County, Florida Jail, awaiting transport to Clay County. He faces charges currently of unlawful distribution of meth and drug induced homicide.