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The following items have been extended for a limited time only!!

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Just scroll through the items below and feel free to click on the banners for more information about the business or the item.

Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and be sure to include the item you are bidding on, how many of that item you want (if more than 1 is available) and the amount of the required bid.

Successful bids need to be at least 50 percent of retail value!!


1 set available

$125 for two tires…..great deal!!

2 available – $20 gets you a $25 gift certificate

1 available

$50 gets you $100 gift certificate….that’s a great deal!!

Great deal at only $70

3 available – only one per household can be used

$150 gets you $300 certificate



1 certificate left and for $150 it’s yours!!  First come, first served!!

1 available for $38


2 certificates available….if you are wanting to take a class…..this is perfect!!

1 available

$20 gets you a $25 gift certificate

1 available

$55 takes this certificate

3 available

$21 each….first come, first served!!

1 availabe at $18 each


2 available

Bid of $20 will get you one!!!

2 available

$40 gets one!!!


6 available

$22 gets you a certificate!!


4 available – $20 each

2 available

$12 each

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