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Denzal John Zurliene

Josh and Kari Zurliene of Fairfield announce the birth of a baby boy, Denzal John, born December 29, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. at Fairfield Memorial Hospital.  He weighed 5 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19 ½ inches long.  He is welcomed home by big brother Delbert.  Grandparents are Linda Lisman and the late Jim Lisman of Fairfield, Brenda Tatum of Fairfield and John and Cathy Zurliene of Fairfield and great-grandmother Martha Beck of Geff.


John Shelby Foote Irwin


Levi and Emily Irwin of Wayne City proudly announce the birth of their second child and first son, John Shelby Foote Irwin.  John Shelby was born on Thanksgiving – November 24, 2016 at 7:22 pm at SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital,  Mt. Vernon, IL.  John Shelby weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 20 inches long.He is welcomed at home by a big sister, Laura Elizabeth Irwin, age 20 months. Grandparents are Greg and Cindy Irwin of Wayne City and Roger and Shari Herron of Jackson, TN. Great-grandparents are JB and Ollie Mae Tyler of Fairfield and Jimmy and Yvonne Clay of Ripley, TN.



James “Grant” Tate

James “Grant” Tate is the newest son of Chuck Tate and Janel “McGill” Tate of Paducah, KY. Grant was born at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, KY on October 25, 2016 at 7:25pm. The sweet boy tipped the scales at 8pd 4oz and 21 inches long.   He is the little brother to proud big brother Charlie. His maternal grandparents are Jim & Julie McGill and Daniel & Arleda Hill all of Fairfield IL. His paternal Kirk & the late Kaye Tate of Paducah KY.  Great grandparents are Imo & the late James McGill and Art & Beverly Legg of Fairfield IL He is loved by several aunt, uncles & cousins. James “Grant” is named after his Great Grandfather and Grandfather.



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Laken Kay

Harper Buchanan is excited to announce the birth of her little sister, Laken Kay, born September 29, 2016 at Saint Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, IL. Laken weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19 1/2 inches long. Proud parents are Ryan and Abbi Buchanan of Wayne City, IL. Maternal grandparents are Joe & Trish McCormick of Wayne City, IL and Tom & Kim Murk of McLeansboro, IL. Paternal grandparents are Gene & Janet Buchanan and Carroll & Linda Greenwalt, both of Wayne City, IL.



Haizlee Rai Lash

Haizlee Rai Lash was born on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 6:49 PM at Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Indiana.
She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces, and was 21 inches long.  She was welcomed into the world by her parents Michael and Jentzi Lash of Orleans, Indiana as well as her Maternal Grandparents, John and Janet Schumm of Wayne City and her Maternal Great Grandparents,  Trish Schumm of Wayne City, David and Laverne Schumm of Bluford, and the late Marsh and the late Marjorie Youngblood of Orchardville.  Haizlee’s Paternal Grandparents are Lyle and Robin Lash of Macon, Illinois and Paternal Great Grandparents, The late Fred and the late Janet Lash of Macon, Illinois and Joe and Carol Keller of Decatur, Illinois.


Caraline Hope

Chloe Hooper is excited to announce the birth of her little sister Caraline Hope born September 21, 2016 at the Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, IN. Caraline weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and measured 20 1/2 inches long. Parents are Justin and Rachel Hooper of Evansville IN.  Maternal grandparents are Mike and Marsha Neal of Rockport IN.
Paternal grandparents are Keith and Pam Hooper of Fairfield IL.



Kennedy Jade Glisson

Josh and Caitlin Glisson are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Kennedy Jade Glisson. Kennedy was born on June 27th at 3:52pm at The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and measured 20in. long. Grandparents are David and Allison Robson and Jim and Debbie Glisson of Fairfield.  Great Grandparents include Don and Jean Robson of Fairfield, the late Robert and Patricia McNeill of Fairfield, the late James Glisson of Tampa, FL , the late Doug and Winifred Latham of Atlanta, GA, and the late Jimmy and Orpha Smith of Fairfield.



Holland Gertrude Bell

Rosen Etta Bell would like to announce the birth of her little sister, Holland Gertrude Bell, born on August 3rd, 2016 at 8:52 AM at The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana. Holland weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 inches long. Parents are Joshua and Kayla Bell of Albion, Illinois. Grandparents are Kenny and Mary Bell and Randy and Belinda Funkhouser, all from Grayville, Illinois.  Paternal Great Grandparents are the late Veston and Naomi Holland Foster from Mt. Vernon, Indiana, Frank and the late Etta Viola Hungate from Grayvillle, Illinois, and the late Kenneth Bell, Sr. of Orlando, Florida.  Maternal Great Grandparents are the late Woodrow and Gertrude Funkhouser and the late Bill and Rosetta Risinger, all from Grayville, Illinois.



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Milo John Lee

Brandon and Kari Lee of Westfield, Indiana happily announce the birth of their son, Milo John Lee. He was born July 22, 2016 at 12:11 p.m. at Indiana University Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. The new arrival weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 21 ¾ inches.  Paternal grandparents are Steve and the late Linda Lee of Fairfield. Maternal grandparents are John and Linda Legg of Fairfield.  Milo’s paternal great-grandparents are Walter and Bernadine Keyser of Mt. Erie and the late Harold and Nina York of Enfield. Maternal great-grandparents are Homer and Shirley Legg of Fairfield, the late Wilson Medder and Robyn Medder of Minooka, and the late Clifford Musgrave and Sue Musgrave of Wayne City. Maternal great-great-grandparents include Jueneta Taylor of Fairfield.



Jayla Alane

Wyatt Rice is excited to announce the birth of his little sister Jayla Alane. Born June 23, 2016 at Deaconess Women’s Hospital in Newburgh IN. Jayla was born at 8:05am and was 19 1/2 inches long weighing 7 pounds.  Proud parents  are WD and Audra Rice of Ellery IL.  Maternal grandparents are Carson and Sherry Rutger of Albion. Paternal grandparents are Randy Rice of Albion and David and Sherry Smith of Poseyville IN.  Maternal great grandparents are the late Lyle and Marie Rutger of Fairfield and the late Hubert and The late Viva Johnson of Albion.  Paternal great grandparents are the late Wilbur and the late Dot Rice of Albion. The late Bob And the late Barb Scraper of Evansville IN, Bob Rector of Eldorado IL and Jo Rector of Albion IL.


baby alexis

Alexis Norma

Big sisters, Alena and Elyse, are thrilled to announce the birth of their baby sister, Alexis Norma Longbons. Alexis was born at the Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, IN at 6:22 pm on July 4, 2016 to Austin and Heather Longbons. She weighed 8 lb 3 oz and was 21 inches long.   Her grandparents are Randy and Sandy Longbons of Albion, IL; Chad Koertge of Parkersburg, IL; and Denise Little of Albion, IL. Alexis Norma’s great-grandparents are Don and Norma Longbons, Norma and the late George Koertge, Kitty and the late Morris Holmes, and Nancy and the late Roger Craft.



Camille Louise

Alex and Jessica Bond are happy to announce the birth of a daughter, Camille Louise.  She was born July 1, 2016 at 10:48pm at The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, IN.  She weighed 9lbs 1oz and measured 20.5 inches long.  Camille was welcomed home by proud siblings Evelyn, age 3, and Warren, age 1.  Camille’s grandparents are Daniel and Kim Bond and Mark and Crystal Bunting.  Her great-grandparents are James and Martha Bond, Clyde and Beth Kramer, Ann and the late Paul Bunting, and Tim and the late Dorothy Louise (Dotti) Ridgely.  



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Lillian Kay Jordan

Cody Jordan and Elizabeth Foley are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Lillian Kay Jordan. Lillian was  born on July 12th, 2016 at 1:19 p.m. At Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon IL.  Little miss weighed 7lbs 9 oz and measured 20 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Chris Foley from Cisne and Robyn Harris from Fairfield. Paternal grandparents are Rick and Vinda Jordan from Ina and Christina Jordan from Cisne. 



Lucy Rose Troyer

Travis and Emily Troyer are proud to announce the birth of their first child Lucy Rose Troyer. Lucy was born June 7 2016 at 2:32pm at Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney, IL. She weighed 6lbs 11oz and was 20 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Kelly Lomas and Von and Becky Miller of Olney. Paternal grandparents are Dale and Teresa Troyer of Enterprise. Great grandparents are Jerry Samford, Paul and Phyllis Ulrich, and Steven and June Jones.



Alexis Wren Griswold

Lucas and Lauren Griswold are proud to announce the birth of thier daughter, Alexis Wren Griswold, born at 6:20am on April 5, 2016, at Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Il. Alexis weighed 8lbs 12oz and measured 21 1/2 inches long. Maternal grandparents are Nina and Denny Dunn and Jeff and Regina Winter. Paternal grandparents are John and Laura Griswold. Great grandparents are Don and Nina Taylor of Grayville, Marshall and Lanie McGehee of Fairfield, Lois Christensen of Albion, and Anita Winter of Ellery.


baby 1

Mercy Jhean Legg

Wesley & Samantha Legg joyfully announce the birth of their daughter, Mercy Jhean Legg.   

Mercy was born on February 8, 2016 at 8:27 P.M. at St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, IL. The healthy baby girl weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long.

She was welcomed home by a big brother, Henry Allen Legg, age 3.

Mercy’s paternal grandparents are John & Linda Legg. Her maternal grandparents are Neil(Lora) Clevenger, and Becky(Leonard) Weber.

Xander James Miles

Xander James Miles

Jim and Baylee (Xanders) Miles of Fairfield announce the birth of a son, Xander James, born January 12, 2016 at 7:54 a.m. in the Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Vernon, IL.

The little guy weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 19 1/4 inches.  He is welcomed home by a sister, Kenzi and a brother, Tristen.

Grandparents are Gary and Kayla Xanders, Fairfield and Deon and Ann Harrelson, Carmi.

Great-grandparents are Lowell and Barb Sarles, Fairfield.


charli kate simpson

Charli Kate Simpson

Charli Kate Simpson was born on November 17th, 2016 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon at 3:06 pm.

She weighed 8lbs 11oz  and was 21.5 inches long.

Charli was born to Parents, Derrick and Meredith Simpson of Cisne

and was welcomed home by her big brother Bryson age 3.

Charli’s Grandparents are JC and DeLanna McDuffee of Fairfield & Donnie and Erica Simpson of Cisne.

Her Great grandparents are Curt and Sue Kincart of Fairfield, Leroy McDuffee of Fairfield Dale and Mary Edith Simpson of Cisne and Donna Moran of Effingham.


dickey twins

Lennon Marie and Max Dallas Williams

Johnny and Jill Williams of Sims are proud parents of twins born Thursday November 5, 2015 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon.

Lennon Marie was born at 7:37 a.m.She tipped the scales at 5 pounds 13 ounces and measured 18.5 inches long. Her brother, Max Dallas, was born at 7:38 a.m. and weighed 5 pounds 10 ounces and measured in at 19.5 inches.

Grandparents are Stuart Dickey of Sims, Shari and Mike Flanigan of Mt. Vernon, Joyce Brooks of Wayne City and Rodney Williams of Wayne City.

damien michael shock

Damien Michael Shock

Damien Michael Shock was born October 28th, 2015 at 2:08 pm.  He came into the world weighing a whopping  6 lbs 14 oz and was welcomed by his  mother December Weatherford and his Father Jerry Shock of Albion, Illinois.



Ellie Kay Koker

Ellie Kay Koker was welcomed to the world on June 24,2015 at 12:46 pm by her parents Collin Koker and Vanessa Esquivel. Her paternal grandparents are David and Rhonda Koker and oscar Esquivel and Lora Esquivel. Her great grand parents are frank and Joyce Buchanan and Gary and Susie workman.